for something.

아임 리서닝 투 허 언드 쉬 언더스탠즈 하우 유 필. 데어 아아 영거 시블링즈 언드 데이 머스트 해브 어 랏 어브 워이즈. 벗 패멀리 캔 비 하아드 비카즈 어더 피펄 밋 언드 메익 어 누 원. 잇 더전트 핏 라익 어 피스 어브 어 퍼절. 유 머스트 비 베어리 업셋. 벗 프럼 나우 안 유 니드 투 스테이 어러트. 비카즈 아이 해브 어 브러더 이프 유어 앤 앤트 아이 씽크 유 슈드 팔로우 요어 대드 윋 요어 영거 시블링즈. 아이 시 유 트라이잉 투 비 브라이트. 도운트 비 투 딥레스트 도운트 트라이 도운트 비 투 인터어레스티드 인 어덜트스 도운트 비 스트레스트. 아이더 웨이 더 투 어브 어스 윌 컴 투 어 컨클루전 언드 잇스 낫 투 레이트 포어 유 투 추즈 덴. 데어 아아 메니 디보어시즈 언드 리메어리드 패멀리즈. 앰 아이 인 댓 캐터고어리 이프 유어 해빙 어 하아드 타임 씽킹 어바우트 잇 덴 퍼겟 어바우트 잇. 데어 아아 메니 디퍼런트 패멀리즈 인 더 월드. 유 캔 두 잇

You’re so immature… Under the Korean law, even if a woman is at fault, if a mother claims custody, 90% of the time will be granted to her mother unless she gives up her parental rights. Your mother abandoned you and will find you after 13 years of adult life. Your father raised you for 13 years when he heard you as a widower? If you really missed the writer, you would have tried to fulfill your parents’ responsibilities by trying to meet regularly or by sending child support. Now that I’m an adult, I’m looking for something.

I followed my dad when I was 14 years old because my mom and dad got divorced and now I am 18. We fight all the time, too, and when my mom gets mad, we throw everything and get hot-tempered; my dad brought divorce papers the day after I got hit in the head by something my mom threw at me. I was going to bring my younger brother, but my mom called me her son, so I was the only one following my dad. My dad was scared because he was always angry because of my mom, but when he lived with me, he didn't get angry and drank less. I only trust my dad, so I decided to go shopping and hiking first, but it was fun to hang out with him. He took good pictures and bought me well. I was really worried about my sanitary pad, but he gave me a check card and told me to buy what I needed. So I'm not having a hard time buying it. I'm so grateful to you. I'm just... My mom slapped me in the face when I grabbed her hair. Mom hit me because you're pissed off. My younger brother also comes to my house every weekend because he can't live with my mom, but yesterday he cried because he likes it so much. So I'm thinking about talking with my dad this weekend. My mom looks similar to my mom, so I've never used it before. I didn't tell my friends either. Anyway, there's a lot of pervert on the beeple. That's really nonsense. My dad always knocks at me and doesn't touch me first. If I hug him, he's done. And when I'm with two of you, you don't wear running clothes in your dad's panties, you always wear all your clothes after shower. I try to spend a lot of time with me on weekends, but now I want my dad to be happier because he met a good girl and I think his life was twisted because he met a wrong girl. I'm always sorry to my dad. If only I and my brother weren't there, my dad would have been happier.

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